Turtle Follies

I believe we are in a global environmental crisis. Now is the time to contemplate everything we purchase and consume.

There may come a time when you are standing in a pet store, contemplating the purchase of a turtle to keep as a ‘pet’.

STOP and THINK..... for five minutes about what you are about to do.

Turtles in the main that are sold as pets have been taken from the wild, from different regions of the country and the planet. They are an invasive species to your area because it is illegal to buy and sell regional wildlife locally.

If you are told that the animal you are about to purchase has been ‘farmed’ that may be untrue because turtles are difficult to ‘farm’. But in any case a ‘farmed’ non-native species is just that, a non-native invasive species to your area. Do not be afraid to stand up for the environment, sometimes the answer is no.

Your purchase not only depletes a different regions wildlife it has the potential to contaminate your area’s wildlife should it escape or be released. By contaminate I mean carry disease that your indigenous species will succumb to, compete for food, etc.,well you can imagine the problems this type of event can create.

I asked a pet store owner once, ‘How can you be so callous when it comes to the suffering of wildlife, their freedom is stolen, then they are confined until they die, the environmental damage is shameful?’ His answer was short and sweet ‘They are going to die anyway, so what difference does it make how it happens?’ He would not address the environment.

A common sense, collective decision to stop the insanity of mindlessly consuming our environment will be what makes the difference between a baron planet or paradise.

It’s just that simple.

The following ‘brochure’ contains profound information in regards to the the folly of billions of humans taking what belongs to all of us for money. I honestly believe thinking makes a difference. I keep my local library and humane society stocked with this brochure.

I hope you enjoy it.