Christmas show "What's In Your Stocking" review

Loved this video. You are certifiable and I want some of your egg nog. You have made me decide that I will display a split personality this year. I will put a wreath on the inside and the outside of the door. Makes everyone happy, right? Your mind must never stop creating.   

A visit to Patrishaa's work shop is always an adventure and a pleasure. I am so lucky to have the pleasure of having met you.   

I just keep chuckling.   Love you - Janet Mueller - Football Specialist

"We watched with delight." Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson Co-owner Voodoo Doughnuts

"Any chance for a second season? I'm absolutely addicted; someone needs to pick this show up" Matt Thomas - Internet Reviewer

"...I get more out of them each viewing" Bobby Nelson Graphic Designer

"Funniest new show since Soap" Chad Gibbs Marketing Specialist

"...it has a mix of Pee-Wee (Herman) and Monty Python" K.C. Madsen Celebrated Artist

"Not sure who your audience is? Smart people? Dumb people?" Jessica Julian