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Ep1 PILOT - Tarantula’s Unite – Patrishaa is horrified to learn her neighbor is warehousing tarantulas

Tarantula’s Unite

Ep2 For The Love Of Mice – The Studio mice are in the throes of anarchy

For The Love Of Mice

Ep3 The Malevolent Binoculars – Patrishaa’s inspired perspective on paper mache’

The Malevolent Binoculars

Ep4 Sacrifices In The Name Of Art – Patrishaa is distracted by her (newly acquired) unwieldy breasts

Sacrifices In The Name Of Art

Ep5 The Thousand Ways To Say I Love You – Patrishaa raises money for a cruise ticket

The Thousand Ways To Say I Love You

Ep6 Even Mothers Have Birthdays – Under the guise of a present Patrishaa gives her mother a cruise ticket “Are there one way tickets

Even Mothers Have Birthdays

Ep7 Shuffleboard Clams Another Hapless Victim – Patrishaa’s mother over comes time zones and even a death to make a phone connection

Shuffleboard Clams Another Hapless Victim

Ep8 Just Open The Box – That proves to be easier said than done

Just Open The Box

Ep9 Monster Trucks – Velveeta (Patrishaa’s twin sister) stands in for Patrishaa on a date

Monster Trucks

Ep10 Velveeta Is That French? In any language Velveeta is a very complicated human being

Velveeta Is That French?

Ep11 Six Figure Intrigue – A visionary publisher discerns Patrishaa’s autobiography would be a goldmine

Six Figure Intrigue

Ep12 A Wayward Drop Of Raw Umber The toilet seat unveiling was worth the wait

A Wayward Drop Of Raw Umber

Ep13 What’s In Your Stocking? – Some Christmas gifts keep on giving

What’s In Your Stocking?


The Dr. J. Malcolm Dingus Show

Voodoo Makes A Move:

Voodoo: "Would You Condemn An Entire Culture?"

Voodoo Meets Velveeta" Featuring "Cat Daddy & Tres"

Halloween Voodoo Featuring "Cat Daddy" & Tres

Voodoo's Medal of Freedom


The Store Front

Wedding Water Pipe

Evidently It Is Black & White


Unmasking the Illusion

The Family Album

Invasion of the Club

Patrishaa’s Workshop the DVD

Siberia the CD

The Hemp Anthem

Human Energy DVD * Manifesto

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