Currently is the lead singer and songwriter for her band "Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen" along with a very popular CBD cream "Happiness Cream" that is sold nationwide to support the band.At sixteen years old I dropped out of high school and joined the circus. I had been enlightened by acid driven insight as to the irrelevance of school. In truth, I didn’t have a prom dress, so what else could I do? Not surprisingly, a somewhat nomadic existence ensued. My wanderlust led me to North Carolina where I earned a GED (a prom dress was not required). 

My return to the Northwest was, in the main, precipitated by the weather. No joke. I’d say more on the subject but I don’t work for the Chamber of Commerce and I don’t want you to move here. People say there’s nothing to do in Vancouver, Washington. Not true. I joined Toastmasters so that in the unlikely event I’m asked to make a public address, I’m ready. Like a Pandora’s Box my thirst for knowledge had been unleashed. Most semesters found me taking courses from the local junior college. I’ve studied music theory, ear training, airbrush, writing, English, ceramics, voice, piano, multimedia authoring, Photoshop, and the Macintosh operating system. I’ve written many songs and recorded two music CDs—Unmasking the Illusion and Siberia. My production company, Factory West Studio, has produced three TV shows—The Turtle Follies, Bogus Betty, and Patrishaa’s Workshop and the HIGHTV Network is now available at the Factory West Studio home page.. Recently completed Adobe Premier, After Effects, HTML fundamentals.