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Heidie Actor/Producer

D.A.McCall Writer/Director

Patrishaa's Workshop: World famous agoraphobic artist welcomes

producer and camera crew into her studio to document her incredible process.

Patrishaa's Workshop Episodes 1 & 2

Ep. 1 "Tarantula's Unite" Patrishaa is horrified to learn her neighbor is warehousing tarantulas.

Ep. 2 "For The Love Of Mice" The studio mice are in the throes of anarchy.

Patrishaa's Workshop Episodes 3 & 4

Ep.3 "The Malevolent Binoculars" Patrishaa's inspired perspective on paper mache.

Ep.4 "Sacrifices In The Name Of Art" Patrishaa is distracted by her (newly acquired)unwieldy breasts.

Patrishaa's Workshop Episodes 5 & 6

Ep.5 "The Thousand Ways To Say I Love You" Patrishaa raises money for a cruise ticket.

Ep.6 "Even Mother's Have Birthdays" Under the guise of a present Parishaa gives her

mother a cruise ticket. "Are there two way tickets?"

Patrishaa's Workshop Episodes 7 & 8

Ep.7 "Shuffleboard claims Another Hapless Victim" Patrishaa's mother overcomes

time zones and even death to make a phone connection.

Ep.8 "Just Open The Box" That proves easier said than done.

Patrishaa's Workshop Episodes 9 & 10

Ep.9 "Monster Trucks" Velveeta (Patrishaa's twin sister) stands in for Patrishaa on a date.

Ep.10 "Velveeta Is That French?" In any language Velveeta is a very complicated human being.

Patrishaa's Workshop Episodes 11 & 12

Ep.11 "Six Figure Intrigue" A Visionary publisher discerns Patrishaa's autobiography would be a goldmine.

Ep.12 "A Wayward Drop Of Raw Umber" The toilet seat unveiling was worth the wait

Patrishaa's Workshop Episode 13 "What's In Your Stocking?" Classic Christmas Show

The Dr. J Malcolm Dingus Show

Celebrated award winning televisionologist Dr. J Malcoln Dingus

discusses Patrishaa's Workshop.

Human Energy -or- How I Saved the Planet and Got Rich

Patrishaa solves the problems of the world, global warming

the energy crisis and unemployment in 23 minutes no less!

anyone can earn $6000.00 a month working two hours a day

in a "human energy" based economy! Really!!

Voodoo Doughnut Shorts

Legendary doughnut barons Tres Shannon and

Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson along with

special guest star Tom Mathues - visit Patrishaa Workshop.

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