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   Heidie McCall    Actor/Producer 

   D.A.McCall  Writer/Director

Patrishaa's Workshop: World famous agoraphobic artist welcomes 

producer and camera crew into her studio to document her incredible process.

Ep. 1   "Tarantula's Unite" Patrishaa is horrified to learn her neighbor is warehousing tarantulas.

Ep. 2   "For The Love Of Mice" The studio mice are in the throes of anarchy.

Ep.3   "The Malevolent Binoculars" Patrishaa's inspired perspective on paper mache.

Ep.4   "Sacrifices In The Name Of Art" Patrishaa is distracted by her (newly acquired)unwieldy breasts.                                                                            

 Ep.5  "The Thousand Ways To Say I Love You" Patrishaa raises money for a cruise ticket.                                                       

Ep.6  "Even Mother's Have Birthdays" Under the guise of a present Parishaa gives her                         mother a cruise ticket. "Are there two way tickets?"

Ep.7  "Shuffleboard claims Another Hapless Victim" Patrishaa's mother overcomes                                   time zones and even death to make a phone connection.

 Ep.8  "Just Open The Box" That proves easier said than done.

Ep.9   "Monster Trucks" Velveeta (Patrishaa's twin sister) stands in for Patrishaa on a date.

Ep.10 "Velveeta Is That French?" In any language Velveeta is a very complicated human being. 

 Ep.11  "Six Figure Intrigue" A Visionary publisher discerns Patrishaa's autobiography would be a goldmine.

 Ep.12  "A Wayward Drop Of Raw Umber" The toilet seat unveiling was worth the wait

Patrishaa's Workshop Episode 13 "What's In Your Stocking?" Classic Christmas Show

Celebrated award winning televisionologist Dr. J Malcoln Dingus

discusses Patrishaa's Workshop.

Patrishaa solves the problems of the world, global warming

the energy crisis and unemployment in 23 minutes no less!

anyone can earn $6000.00 a month working two hours a day

in a "human energy" based economy! Really!!

Legendary doughnut barons Tres Shannon and 

 Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson along with 

special guest star Tom Mathues -  visit Patrishaa Workshop.


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