Question & Answer re Unmasking the Illusion

Post date: Dec 19, 2008 11:48:36 PM



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Q & A

Q: What possessed you to try and solve global warming?

A: After watching Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ we where both fairly depressed. We asked ourselves, ‘What’s the point of writing or creating art on a dying world?’ After a few days of this melancholy I decides to come up with solutions to every crappy thing I could think of. Doug was between books and agreed to collaborate.

Q: Why a ‘Movie Book for the Mind?’

A: A few years back I recorded a CD titled Unmasking the Illusion. With the working premise for the book ‘a world without crude oil’, wrapping a movie script around the CD and setting the premise for the movie with a funny book seemed like a fun challenge.

Q: How does it work?

A: The movie part of the book challenges the reader to insert and visualize their own characters and direct the movie in their mind. By including a soundtrack my thinking is this will be a very personal way for readers to enjoy our art.

Q: I found the E-COURT chapter a bit unsettling because there are a lot of nuts out there. Do you think the whole world should be invited to vote on the guilt or innocence of a criminal?

A: In my opinion if environmental crimes are judged by all of us because environmental crimes affect all of us, everyone on earth should have a say in whether or not this person should be allowed to roam among us. E-COURT would be great.

Q: Do you honestly think the decadent lifestyle you portray for the future is for everyone?

A: Yes. The only difference is that it will be legal.

Q: The theory of Human Energy is quite amazing in that you both seem to have approached it from all angles, do you think the masses will go for it?

A: You better believe it. When people realize the tremendous value of their energy and are well paid for it immediately, oh yeah.