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  • Songs performed and composed by Heidie McCall "The Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen" registered with BMI.

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  • The following songs are produced by Grant Harold

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Lingo of Love - 3:10

About: your inner desires for your lover

Designed: to elicit a sense of sensual freedom - makes you feel like dancing

Adaptable: to soul or country without losing the songs energy

Keywords: hook heavy, sexy, female vocals, danceable, melodic, up-tempo·

Simon Says - 3:03

About: a hope filled message for our environment

Designed: to elicit joy and the instill a belief humans can fix the environment

Product use: perfect song for a documentary about the environment

Demographic: all ages would like this song - Paul Simon fans and environmentalists would like

this song too

Keywords: environment, climate change, Paul Simon, E.O. Wilson, Half Earth Project,

endangered species, melodic, up-tempo


I’m Through Beggin’ - 2:25

About: an anthem for personal freedom

Designed: to elicit a sense of liberation

Adaptable: to a country love song

Demographic: older women

Keywords: Novelty song, hook laden, melodic, up-tempo, story driven

"Love Dance" - 2:26 Love Dance

County - love song -


Fifteen Percent Of The Door -3:20

About: wanting your work to be appreciated

Designed: to elicit feelings of optimistic frustration

Adaptable: to folk or country

Keywords: catchy, humorous, light hearted, story driven, songwriter, female vocals, melodic,

up tempo

Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen


These songs about climate change and the environment available now

Let's be brave musicians and sing for the planet!!

Climate Song list w/description - Starred entries are on SoundCloud for a listen

  • Hemp Anthem - A rock ‘n’ roll chant that glorifies what hemp can and will do for the planet and the economy.

  • · 2020 - A humorous shaming of humans for the damage they have done to the planet.

  • · Morning People - A climate change lullaby that gives humans the option of “sleeping in” to save the earth.

  • · I Give You Dominion - A gift of the planet to us from a higher power and a warning if there is no gratitude.

  • · Walkin’ My Way - “Human Energy” solves the energy crisis.

  • · Keep It Simple - A message that simplicity is the route to a joyful life and a perfect world.

  • · * Keepers - describes in detail how we are the keepers of a delicate blue planet.

  • · * Lot’s Revenge - Musing on how a person could feel after loosing everything from a climate change event.

  • · * Melanoma Sunrise - What a “melanoma sunrise” may feel like. The idea that humans could wait too long to act and hit the point of no return.

  • · * Yum Yum - The easy way to a plant based future and diet.

  • · * Are We The Weather - Jonathan Foer wrote the book “We are the weather” This song is about his four actions humans can do to effect climate change.

  • · * Simon Says - Paul Simon’s 2018 homeward bound tour that honored “half earth” a theory put forth by E.O. Wilson. This song is about sharing half the earth.

  • · Only In My Wildest Dreams - Describes dreams about a blissful future and world. Michele Obama and Oprah running the country and humans save the day.

  • · Next Big Thing - Muses why the next big thing should be the climate and not superficial empty pleasures like the Super Bowl, March Madness and new TV shows.

  • · * Mad Max or the Garden of Eden - Poses the question Mad Max or the Garden of Eden and contains insightful quotes by four of the world’s most treasured people; Judge Judy, Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough and E.O. Wilson.

  • · Urban Hideaway - Marries a broken heart with the animals that roam our cities.

  • · Love in the Equation - How we can fix up the earth should the humane race band together.

  • · Thank You Mother Earth - Offers homage to Mother Earth and motherhood in general.

  • · Big Apology - Humans frantically apologize for the damage done to nature and are forgiven.

  • · * Strange Reckoning - “Everything isn’t for everyone anymore.” An intense political bent with a happy ending.