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 Lingo of Love - 3:10 

    About: your inner desires for your lover 

    Designed: to elicit a sense of sensual freedom - makes you feel like dancing

   Adaptable: to soul or country without losing the songs energy

  Keywords: hook heavy, sexy, female vocals, danceable, melodic, up-tempo·      

Simon Says - 3:03 

    About: a hope filled message for our environment

    Designed: to elicit joy and the instill a belief humans can fix the environment

   Product use: perfect song for a documentary about the environment

    Demographic: all ages would like this song - Paul Simon fans and environmentalists would like  

    this song too

   Keywords: environment, climate change, Paul Simon, E.O. Wilson, Half Earth Project,   

   endangered species, melodic, up-tempo


I’m Through Beggin’ - 2:25

    About: an anthem for personal freedom

    Designed: to elicit a sense of liberation

    Adaptable: to a country love song

     Demographic: older women 

     Keywords: Novelty song, hook laden, melodic, up-tempo, story driven

"Love Dance" - 2:26  Love Dance 

County - love song - 


Fifteen Percent Of The Door -3:20

   About: wanting your work to be appreciated

   Designed: to elicit feelings of optimistic frustration

   Adaptable: to folk or country

Keywords: catchy, humorous, light hearted, story driven, songwriter, female vocals, melodic,

up tempo

Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen


These songs about climate change and the environment available now

Let's be brave musicians and sing for the planet!!

Climate Song list w/description - Starred entries are on SoundCloud for a listen