Interview with D. A. McCall in regards to his book "Clifford"

Post date: Dec 19, 2008 11:54:58 PM

Interview: With D.A. McCall

in regards to his book Clifford.

Factory West Studio

  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall

2712 Esther St.

Vancouver, WA 98660

Contact: Heidie McCall

Phone: 360-693-7085

e-mail Heidie@

The Interview

Q: What does your family think of Clifford?

A:  I have no Idea? I don’t speak to any of them. I once showed a manuscript (before I shopped it   

      around) to my mother. I foolishly thought she would be enthusiastic about it. After a few pages

      she put it down and said, ‘I can’t read anymore of this.’ At the time I was crushed. In retrospect

      I’m extremely grateful for her harsh critique. I knew there were shortcomings but, I had no idea it

      was unreadable.

Q: It’s great to have family support.

A: You would think: One of my nephews (with no fixed address) once observed,’A mother knows.’

Q: What do you think about freedom?

A: What? Have you read the book?

Q: I’ll handle the questions. When II came to the studio today I had to fight through a demonstration

     against global warming. What’s your opinion?

A: I’m against it. Are we going to talk about ‘Clifford’ at all?

Q: Of course we are, that’s what we’re here for. Would comment on the persistent rumors that you

     are gay?

A: This is the first I’ve heard of that, You ever been to a proctologist? Can you imagine something akin

     to that on a nightly basis?

Q: I see you’re carrying a knife. What do you think of O. J.?

A: O. J.? Where did that come from? Not long ago I read where he was assaulted. It occurred to me

     that O. J. should have said,’Back off, I’ve got a knife and I know how to use it.’

Q: What was the name of your book again? Never mind. What kind of material is that shirt made of?

A: It’s ‘Clifford’ and the shirt is cotton. It’s been my experience that if you wear polyester to one of

     these interviews you begin to smell like an armpit and it’s not your own.

Q: Hm......I think I’ll go change my shirt. Thanks for the interview.

A: What about ‘Clifford’?

Q: Who?