CBD Artistry By Heidie  "The Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen"

"The Hands You Remember"  

"The CBD hand lotion you'll never forget."

                         Available Now * Incredible * Nothing else like it!! 


   Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen CBD Happiness Cream is truly a one of a kind, my signature, my masterpiece. 

I say that without reservation but having said that my creative-juices are having fun with this medium. 

The new CBD oil blend is pretty darned nice too.


   I have made another “limited edition” run of  “The Hands You Remember”  again I have used reclaimed bottles for this venture. I tell you, that darned plastic is just vexing to me. I am searching for earth friendly containers (they’re coming). Happiness Cream jars are made from recycled plastic but still ……… I’m working on it.

                                8 OZ. -  hand lotion  500mg CBD oil "blend" per ounce of lotion

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Updated June 2024

Good morning from Southern Illinois! Hope 2023 is off to a good start for you. 


I'm writing to let you know I have been using the hand cream since I received it and it is fabulous!  Usually by this time of winter, my hands are miserable and this year they are still pretty comfortable.


Heidie, I have to tell you, not only have I been using it on my hands, but I have used it on my arms and legs and soles of my feet.  It is sooo moisturizing and soothing, but light.  Perfection.  I think you could market it as a full body lotion.  


Thank you for sharing this lovely, soothing solution to dry, winter skin with me.  I think you have an amazing product to add to your line of loveliness.


Hope you have been safe from all this crazy weather!  


If you need an "official" testimonial, let me know, otherwise, look forward to staying in touch.


Take good care, you are such a bright light in this crazy world!!


Namaste dear woman!


Jackie M. Carbondale, Illinois