Sandra Bullock’s Successful Weight Loss Story

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How I lost 30 Lbs. and kept is off for twenty five years thanks to Sandra Bullock....

by Heidie star of Patrishaa's Workshop.


Mid summer 1993, around mid-night, Sandra Bullock was on David Letterman plugging the movie Demolition Man.

 She called it the “costume movie” because the costumes were skimpy and she had to focus on her size.

She ate no fat but “I ate all I wanted as long as it didn’t have any fat ” beans, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc.

She lost the weight she needed to loose very quickly and to maintain the weight loss ate only 20 grams of fat a day from then on.


Hmmmmmm………..not a bad idea, I took her story to heart. At the time I was 40 years old, weighed 165 lbs. and was and still am 5’4”.


August 1st  1993 I began the Sandra Bullock “movie costume weight loss program” (I added a daily multi-vitamin and papaya enzyme to the mix). By September 15th 1993 (my birthday) I had lost thirty pounds never felt hungry or deprived, after all I ate all I wanted all the time! I still weigh 135 Lbs..


If you can count to zero and if you can count to twenty, dieting could be over for your lifetime,

it’s over for me.


“20 grams is generous and easy after you have been doing zero.”

                                                                                               Sandra Bullock


I hope you enjoyed this anecdote.


Heidie McCall