Press Release for Unmasking the Illusion

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RE: Unmasking the Illusion – Sci-Fi Book

Factory West Studio

Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall

2712 Esther St.

Vancouver, WA 98660

Contact: Heidie McCall

Phone: 360-693-7085

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Have a few laughs on the way to our extinction

VANCOUVER, WA, November 2008 – If you want to live on a clean and prosperous planet, read ‘Unmasking the Illusion’ the world’s first Movie/Book for the Mind. Hilarious book reveals the secret of human energy, seamlessly flows into an authentic movie script, interactive sound track included.

Find out what happens at the ‘Earth Now Conference’ where artists, entrepreneurs, and unconventional thinkers gather to solve the most vexing problems that confront the planet. Innovative solutions for independence from crude oil, forest fire prevention, crime, life after Wall Street and much more.

Authors D. A. McCall ans Heidie McCall teamed up and loaded Unmasking the Illusion with amazing and unforgettable eureka moments that when implemented may one day save mankind.

The most intriguing solution of all is the implementation of Human Energy. D. A. and Heidie have the blueprint foe a new economy that benefits everyone on earth. Humans are simply invited to sell their energy to the grid for immediate payment the details are a revelation.

Unmasking the Illusion is available through Publishing on Demand ‘It’s our belief that Publishing on Demand is the responsible and respectful way to honor the resources used for the creation of books.’

Unmasking the illusion is available online through Trafford Publishing a Publishing on Demand company.

After reading Unmasking the Illusion perhaps you’ll wonder if the future will be as bleak as Al Gore predicts?

Purchase Unmasking the Illusion online at ISBN: 978-1-4251-6218-4

189 pages & CD 24.75