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Got a little ache - got a little pain - got a little itch drivin' you insane? 

 Well don't you worry - don't you scream

Get Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen - Happiness Cream.



                                     OLD ROCK 'N' ROLL QUEEN 

 CBD Happiness Cream by HEIDIE

                                   Pure * Simple * Effective

2 oz.  "Happiness Cream"   $45.00 * Ships USPS Priority Mail

  * U.S.A. only please (Price includes shipping)

4 OZ. ( 2 - 2 oz. jars) of "Happiness Cream"  $85.00 * Save $5.00 * Ships USPS Priority Mail

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Thank you - Heidie

June 2024

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The Hands You Remember  *  CBD  Hand Lotion   

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                                                Super Review  -  Just lovely!!

Thanks again Heidie!

   My wife Sammie and I wouldn't know what we would do without your product.

It's superior to any other CBD cream product on the market today.  My wife was born without her left arm below her elbow.  After 2 major rotator cuff surgeries on her good right arm, Cara at Inner Limits in San Clemente turned her on to a jar years back.  Her 3rd shoulder surgery was a complete rebuild with cadaver parts included. 

   Me, I'm a double below the knee amputee and after a couple of bad falls on my prosthetics I have double rotator issues, both shoulders.  I've avoided surgery due to Sammie’s untimely three procedures. I have to be the driver.  At home I stay in my wheelchair most days and when the shoulder pain starts your CBD works quickly.  When we both have flair ups the cream is a miracle for good sleep. 

   My biggest question Heide without giving up your secret is, why does your Old Rock "N" Roll Queen CBD work and "ALL" others don't.

  Again, looking forward to this week’s order! 

  Stay Healthy,

       Harry and Sammie Snowden * San Juan Capistrano CA. *  Sat, Mar 26, 2022 at 11:16 AM 


Dear Harry and Sammie,

   There isn’t a much better way than to open up my email on Sunday  (to end the week and get ready for the coming week) to receive a lovely well thought out email full of joy and yes happiness for my CBD creation. Wonderful …...wonderful!!

   To answer your questions;

·      I only know my cream works and don’t really know why the others don’t and you are not the first to tell me this.

·      My thoughts are this: I do not use chemicals or solvents of any kind to make my CBD cannabidiol. It is a full spectrum oil in that it uses the entire plant (except the stems). Other companies wouldn’t even consider my process because it takes waaaay to long – it is a long drawn out process that requires “aging” like making a fine wine.

·      My cream base is a very simple clean binding agent that holds my oil in suspension just long enough for quick absorption by you into your human cannabinoid system. I haven’t cluttered my Happiness Cream with Shea butter, eucalyptus oil, etc., any of the foolishness that dilutes my pure clean oil. I still haven’t been able to figure out why so many companies are doing that? Possibly their oil is not very effective and masking it with other products would seem almost an insurance policy.

·      Sleep? As time goes on in this realm I am discovering many things from my clients and one is sleep. A ninety-five-year-old  gentleman uses Happiness Cream for his arthritis and as a sleep aid. He puts it behind his knees, wrist pulse points, behind his ears and he’s out. I’ve started doing this as well and you know in ten minutes or so I’m asleep too. He calls it his “dream cream” fun – I love it!!

·      My exact process is a trade secret to be sure. I hope I have answered your questions?


A couple more things? I would be honored to share this letter from you to Cara and others to thank her for sharing my cream with you. I would be even more honored (with your permission of course) to share this endorsement perhaps in my brochure? Or maybe in my annual newsletter this is very special to me. With your names and city – anyway you would prefer to be identified– if you say no that is perfectly ok – I absolutely respect my client’s privacy very much, no worries ever!


I know I have gone on here but you guys are cool!  You made my day.   Thank you.   Sincerely,   Heidie


Thank you Heidie!  Yes, no issues using us as an endorsement. Thank you for your candid answers they were just what I was hoping for.  Harry





Thank you for your product, it's sure making me happy, and I don't need to take a prescription to get rid os my eczema, you can print this. Glenda L. Vancouver Washington

 I emailed Glenda today 10/1/2019 to ask her how she is doing and this is her reply;"Please use my review, I absolutely love your product, and have had no more problems with eczema, since using it, first time in ten years I've had relief." 

“Awesome, thank you so much! I LOVE this product! My scar from surgery is fading. Literally gets rid of the itch from bug bites in seconds. Cleared up my grandsons diaper rash in less than an hour! Also helps my achy hands. Love love  love it!”                                                                   Marsha R.  Kansas City MO.

“Ok. Well the stuff works great. Dad walking again after swelling went down from Baker cysts and other pain issues. Started using it myself and gave a sample to my aunt. She wants more too. I told people at work about it and they asked for info. I showed them the listing on eBay. We’ve tried everything for these bad knees. Camphor, ice shots, even ancient Chinese secret “Wong To Yick” ointment from Chinatown pharmacy. Nothing worked. One month on this and dad can finally have knee surgery that was cancelled due to swelling. I’m a believer. And it’s working on my sore security guard knees and ankles and my aunts injured leg….Thanks…btw…The next closest cream I’ve seen online is 625 mg. per oz.” 

                                                                       Steven B. Staten Island New York

“Thank you. I tried your Happiness Cream and found almost instant relief! I shared it with a handful of people in need and they had the same results, it’s instant gratification! I ended up buying all of your Happiness Cream that was left at Dream Crystal (local head shop) for my 88 year old great aunt and her friends. I am so impressed with your product, let me know if you are looking for distributors. Everyone should know about your Happiness Cream! Thank You!” Carmen K. Chula Vista CA.

“As the parent of a beautiful boy who suffers from horrible chronic pain, I am so grateful that he as well as my husband are getting some relief from your product.” Norm and Lynn 

Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen CBD Cream is the BEST I’ve ever used. I use it twice a day to help with the nerve pain in my feet and would be lost without it. Thank you ORRQ.Steve Schneider Musician Vancouver WA.

I started using ORRQ Happiness Cream because the tops of my feet have arthritis and also the knuckles on my first finger on each hand. I use it twice a day and my hands and feet feel GREAT! It is good stuff! Karen Currier Freelance Photographer Vancouver WA.


I have known and have been doing business with Doug and Heidie for over fifteen years. I was very excited to hear about their new product ORRQ CBD Cream. My sample could not have arrived on a better day as I was experiencing some severe back and menstrual pain. ORRQ Cream went to work immediately. I was able to  get through my work day and slept well that night. Thank you Doug and Heidie. Sarah H. Pipes Palace Manager Seattle WA.


Thank you for your Happiness Cream. I am 67yr. old and people think I am in my 40s. When asked about my secret, I always tell them about your “Happiness Cream” Sylvia G. Metropolis, IL.

I also put the “Happiness Cream” on my feet basically the heels of my feet and I have the heels like a 20 year old Tee Hee.  B. Volland Hot Springs, AR. 


“I love it!! Smells amazing and my sensitive skin loves it too! Thank You!!” 

“Good price, fast shipper. Recommend. Works amazing on face wrinkles.”

“A very light fine cream, easily absorbed and works very well. Highly recommended.” 

“ORRQ you make our hearts sing…You make everything groovy – Amazing Cream A++++” 

“This cream works on more ailments than you can imagine.” 

“Amazingly fantastic cream. Happiness cream does just that for these knees.” 

“WOW AMAZING! Relieved my chronic back spasms in minutes! I’m a believer!” 

“Amazing product! Nice light scent, absorbs fast and fasssssst shipping.” 

”Great product as described.”  Many more from Ebay……..


OMG yet another use for your wonderful products that you absolutely must tell people about! This stuff is just crazy wonderful. My grandson's little dog has allergies that just make him crazy itchy. I was in tears just watching him scratching making himself bleed. I grabbed the Happiness Cream and rubbed it into his skin and could feel him relax! He is now asleep at my feet. It was IMMEDIATE RELIEF! why I had not thought of this sooner I don't know because I use it in bug bites for me all the time! Love ya girl. I'm a customer for life. Marsha Reeves

Hi, Ms. McCall I love the Happiness Cream. My grand daughter sent me an order. It is wonderful. I have Autoimmune Disease,Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. With CBD I have relieved the pain and energy loss that was a part of my daily life. With the Happiness Cream I now am no suffering from my skin peeling and being so dry. I love it! Thank you, Eleanor R. Hampton GA. 

Good Afternoon! I'm so impressed by this cream! I'm a lupus patient with muscle pain, joint pain and terrible skin lesions. Thank you so much for allowing me to have relief from pain whenever I need it! I'll recommend your product to everyone that I know! Many blessings, Cindy M.

My husband swears that your cream helps him sleep and improves his leg tremors (he has Parkinson's). We found it in Bozeman, Montana a few years ago and were very happy to find you sell it online. Leigh Ann - Florida