About the Band

Heidie has been writing music her entire life . Climate change is close to her heart. She currently has twenty songs with climate change at the core. Heidie says, "They are diverse in style and genre and always have a happy ending...why not?  We can fix this mess, after all we made it."

D.A. (Heidie’s mate) joined in the music. D.A.  a talented writer and all around creative force have left no area of creativity in “Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” to chance.

“Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” music is produced by Grant Harold a splendid music producer.

When asked about the band’s material Heidie quipped,  “ We never play covers only "new" music. Our songs are inventive, melodic, and memorable. Well, I must be the world’s oldest and most beautiful hit maker after all and by the way……music is fun”.

The three have been producing music for several years and there is no end in sight.