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The American dream takes a route seldom traveled

VANCOUVER,WA. - The Family Album is compromised mainly of photographs of Finnish immigrants. These ex-patriots somehow ended up in South Dakota,(I have no idea what prompted their exodus from Finland, but photo documentation suggests the Promised Land was not found there.)

At the time of my interest in the (mildewed)photos they’d been confined to plastic tubs in the basement for many years. I decided it was time to test my claim ‘that I’d never seen a picture i couldn’t caption.’

I was about fifty pictures into the project and feeling rather smug when I was struck by a sick sinking feeling. These weren’t targets I live to skewer (my preference is pompous blow hards) Anyone can pick on people from a different era (hair, clothes, cars etc.) besides clearly these were people I’d like.

I revisited the first fifty pictures and with my newfound attitude has a blast the rest of the way and didn’t mug anyone.

The Family Album is available online @ ISBN: 978-1-4251-7969-4

118 pages 17.75