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RE: Clifford – Book - Humor

Factory West Studio

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D. A McCall & Heidie McCall

2712 Esther St.

Vancouver, WA 98660

Contact: Heidie McCall

Phone: 360-693-7085

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Beware, Clifford is loose on the streets of your town

VANCOUVER,WA. - At nineteen Clifford’s carefree life as a teenager is almost over. The travails of Clifford while tragic to him are hilarious to the reader. You won’t read a funnier book this year.

D.A. McCall says, ‘I never doubted Clifford would be published, the plight of Clifford is much too funny to be ignored. The question was how to go about it? As fate would have it at that very moment Trafford Publishing came to my attention. At Trafford you’re free to follow your muse. Clifford is my vision, not the mangled remains of meddlesome others.’

McCall contends that ‘printing on demand’ is the future of book publishing, ‘Books are only printed after orders are received. There is no waste and books are sold on their merit, not hype.’

The books are printed on 30% recycled paper, Trafford’s print shop runs on ‘green’ energy.

‘Lest I sound defensive,’ McCall says, ‘Trafford is a destination not a jumping off point.’

Clifford is available online @ ISBN: 1-4251-1536-5

122 pages $17.75