We (Finally) Finished Patrishaa's Workshop -  Hurray

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 11:43:41 PM

Hard to believe this television series has taken almost three years to complete. 

We are now in the process of trying to get it on the air. 

We didn't give this a thought(well not much) during the creation 

because we had to use all of our time and mental energy to get it done.

We have thirteen, twenty- two minute, HD episodes of Patrishaa's Workshop ready for broadcast. 

There is no doubt in my mind we have broken new ground in the realm of television programming.

This is a description of the show.

Patrishaa’s Workshop is a half-hour scripted television comedy-satire created by artists about art. 

 Brilliantly scripted, beautiful to look at and most important of all it is funny

Imagine a modern day Vincent van Gogh allowing a camera crew into his life and studio to observe and document the often-eccentric artistic process.

 The actual opening narration of the show:

   The annals of art have examples of untold masters. Galleries showcase sublime samples of these notables. Sadly often beyond these specimens the information is scant concerning these artists. Mundane details of extraordinary lives are irrevocably lost in the void of deficient legacies. 

 Curiosity trumps all other considerations in rectifying this paradigm. But amongst the current crop of artists who will stand the test of time? In the face of such an unknown we’ve focused our lens on the most likely candidate.

  History will judge the worthiness of our choice.

·      The episodes follow a series arc: an art commission from beginning to end.

·      There is no product placement of any kind (we think this gives the show a timeless quality).

·      All the performed music is original.

·      We approached each episode like a blank canvas and created the visual that was needed to coincide with Doug’s incredibly funny and superbly written scripts.

·      I did my very best as an actor to bring out the humor and brilliance of Doug’s writing. Very cool one woman shows.

·      The look and the attitude of the show are just different and we honestly think breaks new ground in television viewing.

·      We are life long productive, successful artists using the medium of television itself, like a paintbrush to create TV programming, could be new.

 Good luck to us.