Company Description for Factory West Studio

Post date: Dec 19, 2008 11:56:50 PM

Factory West Studio

  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall

2712 Esther St.

Vancouver, WA 98660

Contact: Heidie McCall

Phone: 360-693-7085

e-mail Heidie@

Company Description and History

The Factory West Studio (FWS) was established in 1985. From that time until now FWS has been the umbrella for many endeavors, The guiding principal behind our business is integrity, honesty and to always meet deadlines on time. We began with a successful smoke shop and art gallery that showcased our master ceramic works of art.

In 1995 after the novelty of the shop ran its course the FWS ventured into the wholesale ceramic art business, that move enabled the FWS to finance education,produce three original music Cd's,produce and publish four books, and produce four television shows.

The FWS recently produced a television program titled Walk About Theater: Human Energy -or- How I Saved the Planet and Got Rich. A short, concise and entertaining explanation of the benefits in a human energy economy. The FWS financed this: the deadline for the production was September 15, 2008. Human Energy....aired for television broadcast October 2008 and is now available for viewing at (Production of the ongoing series Patrishaa’s Workshop was put on hold and will resume production February 2009)

Our general plans for the future are to continue writing and selling books and to evolve as artists.

Promote Human Energy whenever possible.

The Factory West Studio has recently secured the trademark HIGHTV®. The FWS plans on utilizing this trademark in future productions. It would seem television is a limitless palette.


Our vision is to create art and television programming

that is inspiring, funny and entertaining.