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Got a little ache - got a little pain - got a little itch drivin' you insane?
Well don't you worry - don't you scream get Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen - Happiness Cream.
Use anywhere you need a little love.

CBD Beauty Cream Lost In Time * Unique CBD eye & face/neck cream by HEIDIE

HIGHTV Network * Your guide to an altered state of mind

Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen * MUSIC * VIDEO

Requiem For A Dog * Dear Old Friend https://youtu.be/SoB0dhhPNV4

LUNA SPEAKS * by D.A. McCall

Unmasking the Illusion by Heidie McCall & D.A. McCall Sci - Fi Satire

Anyone can earn $6000.00 a month working two hours a day in a Human-Energy- based economy. Savor a sublime and decadent world without crude oil.

Unmasking the Illusion - Amazon link

CLIFFORD by D.A. McCall Humor

Clifford is a brief slice of a rudderless teenage life. A preponderance of the book takes place on a road trip with Floyd and Marsha. After narrowly missing Clifford with a bucket of chicken bones (hurled from their car) the improbable pair offer Clifford a ride.

Clifford is beguiled by an uninhibited Marsha. (Marsha is the first female to treat Clifford with something other than scorn.) The trek ends at Marsha's house. Clifford isn't asked to leave and is delighted to stay. The indelible climax of Clifford takes place at a party.

Clifford - Amazon link

The Family Album by D.A. McCall Humor

The Family Album - Amazon Link

Updated December 2022

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Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us.

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