Factory West Studio

         A place where "Art Is Fun" 

                       November 2014

We've invited you here because we know you will appreciate what we are offering.
 Doug and I established the Factory West Studio many years ago. 

We have published five fabulous books and a wide variety of multi-media projects 
including a very funny,comedy/satire, thirteen episode, television series titled Patrishaa's Workshop. 

Oh yeah, we are also the creators of the "Original BING" also available 
directly from the Factory West Studio.

We have made countless people happy.
                                                                     Doug & Heidie

CONTACT INFO: Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us  

                 "Patrishaa's Workshop" Clips 
                                               & TV Shorts with Featured Guest Stars  

 HIGHTV  Watching TV never felt so good

Are you a television junkie looking for a new TV experience,
TV that's funny, won't insult your intelligence or waste your time? 
Look no further you have found it! 

TV offer: Patrishaa's Workshop DVD and Human Energy DVD & Manifesto:
$19.95 Offer includes USPS Priority Mail. Please allow 1-2  weeks for delivery.

 The Dr. J. Malcolm Dingus TV Show 
& TV Offer vimeo.com/77191846 The World's only avant-garde infomercial
"Human Energy -or- How I Saved the Planet and Got Rich"
                                DVD & Manifesto
The solution to the energy crisis
    and a brand new economy

Human Energy -or- How I Saved the Planet and Got Rich:DVD & Manifesto                  
$9.95  Offer includes USPS Priority Mail. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Heidie's Original Song Hit Parade Play Along: 
The song is MARVELOUS MEN a tribute to Muhammad Ali 
 Willie Mays and Michael Jordan http://youtu.be/23gWE2NIWuM
Clifford  e-book also available on Amazon 

Unmasking the Illusion: Fun Facts
Sci-Fi Satire -  The world's only "Movie Book for the Mind"

So, what's in the box?

The Original Factory West BING FUNART "So what's in the box?" 

Dog Gift Book Invasion of the Club
Dog Gift Book * Invasion of the Club 

Evidently It Is Black And White - a book- by D.A. McCall & Siberia - a CD - by Heidie

Evidently It Is Black And White & Siberia available from Factory West