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The Old Friends At Home: Concept for the new 2013 season of Friends

posted Apr 24, 2013, 1:47 PM by Heidie McCall

The Old Friends At Home: The title for the new series of Friends

 The new season of Friends would be terrific it went like this:

 The cast is living together in an old folks home they are made up to look very old.

The show always begins here:

 Then the episodes reveal an anecdote from the past. They are then made up to look like the time they are reminiscing about and here the stories can be formed. The cast can be made up to look like any time in their lives they are re-living.

 Ah……… but here is the best part the last year of the series: I have the end the perfect and most satisfying and funny mind bending ending that has ever been put on TV. So how does a person contact the Friends producers? 

We (Finally) Finished Patrishaa's Workshop - Hurray

posted Mar 22, 2012, 4:43 PM by Heidie McCall

Hard to believe this television series has taken almost three years to complete. 
We are now in the process of trying to get it on the air. 
We didn't give this a thought(well not much) during the creation 
because we had to use all of our time and mental energy to get it done.

We have thirteen, twenty- two minute, HD episodes of Patrishaa's Workshop ready for broadcast. 

There is no doubt in my mind we have broken new ground in the realm of television programming.

This is a description of the show.

Patrishaa’s Workshop is a half-hour scripted television comedy-satire created by artists about art. 

 Brilliantly scripted, beautiful to look at and most important of all it is funny

Imagine a modern day Vincent van Gogh allowing a camera crew into his life and studio to observe and document the often-eccentric artistic process.

 The actual opening narration of the show:

   The annals of art have examples of untold masters. Galleries showcase sublime samples of these notables. Sadly often beyond these specimens the information is scant concerning these artists. Mundane details of extraordinary lives are irrevocably lost in the void of deficient legacies. 

 Curiosity trumps all other considerations in rectifying this paradigm. But amongst the current crop of artists who will stand the test of time? In the face of such an unknown we’ve focused our lens on the most likely candidate.

  History will judge the worthiness of our choice.

·      The episodes follow a series arc: an art commission from beginning to end.

·      There is no product placement of any kind (we think this gives the show a timeless quality).

·      All the performed music is original.

·      We approached each episode like a blank canvas and created the visual that was needed to coincide with Doug’s incredibly funny and superbly written scripts.

·      I did my very best as an actor to bring out the humor and brilliance of Doug’s writing. Very cool one woman shows.

·      The look and the attitude of the show are just different and we honestly think breaks new ground in television viewing.

·      We are life long productive, successful artists using the medium of television itself, like a paintbrush to create TV programming, could be new.

 Good luck to us.




Biography Sheet for Factory West Studio

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:59 PM by Heidie McCall   [ updated Jan 22, 2018, 4:20 PM ]


D.A. McCall's formal education took place in Washington and Oregon. He has a published book of drawings and text titled, Evidently It Is Black & White, plus several unpublished manuscripts to his credit. (This may change.) At the height of the war in Vietnam (not wishing to be cannon fodder) he weighed his options. Canada seemed inviting (although somewhat cold and remote). On the other hand the Air Force recruiter was only a bus ride away. After three and a half years in the Air Force his true nature emerged from suppression. He was promptly discharged. In high school he was given a writing assignment and although his effort received little more than a passing grade, in a sea of red ink the insightful teacher mentioned something about “style.” This was a revelation. Until that moment he had no idea he possessed any writing talent, let alone “style.” He was reading Jack London at the time, hence the “style.” The evidence is scant but he has fancied himself a writer for so long the notion is really not that fragile. In recent years he has become increasingly reclusive (this has been “surprisingly” easy to accomplish). Relieving much apprehension, D.A. McCall has no children.

Heidie McCall

Currently is the lead singer and songwriter for her band "Old Rock 'n' Roll Queen along with a very popular CBD cream (Happiness Cream).
At sixteen years old I dropped out of high school and joined the circus. I had been enlightened by acid driven insight as to the irrelevance of school. In truth, I didn’t have a prom dress, so what else could I do? Not surprisingly, a somewhat nomadic existence ensued. My wanderlust led me to North Carolina where I earned a GED (a prom dress was not required).

My return to the Northwest was, in the main, precipitated by the weather. No joke. I’d say more on the subject but I don’t work for the Chamber of Commerce and I don’t want you to move here. People say there’s nothing to do in Vancouver, Washington. Not true. I joined Toastmasters so that in the unlikely event I’m asked to make a public address, I’m ready. Like a Pandora’s Box my thirst for knowledge had been unleashed. Most semesters found me taking courses from the local junior college. I’ve studied music theory, ear training, airbrush, writing, English, ceramics, voice, piano, multimedia authoring, Photoshop, and the Macintosh operating system. I’ve written songs and recorded two music CDs—Unmasking the Illusion and Siberia. My production company, Factory West Studio, has produced three TV shows—The Turtle Follies, Bogus Betty, and Patrishaa’s Workshop. Recently complete Adobe Premier, After Effects, HTML fundamentals.

Company Description for Factory West Studio

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:56 PM by Heidie McCall

Factory West Studio
  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall
2712 Esther St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Contact: Heidie McCall
Phone: 360-693-7085
e-mail Heidie@

Company Description and History

The Factory West Studio (FWS) was established in 1985. From that time until now FWS has been the umbrella for many endeavors, The guiding principal behind our business is integrity, honesty and to always meet deadlines on time. We began with a successful smoke shop and art gallery that showcased our master ceramic works of art.

In 1995 after the novelty of the shop ran its course the FWS ventured into the wholesale ceramic art business, that move enabled the FWS to finance education,produce three original music Cd's,produce and publish four books, and produce four television shows.

The FWS recently produced a television program titled Walk About Theater: Human Energy -or- How I Saved the Planet and Got Rich. A short, concise and entertaining explanation of the benefits in a human energy economy. The FWS financed this: the deadline for the production was September 15, 2008. Human Energy....aired for television broadcast October 2008 and is now available for viewing at (Production of the ongoing series Patrishaa’s Workshop was put on hold and will resume production February 2009)

Our general plans for the future are to continue writing and selling books and to evolve as artists.
Promote Human Energy whenever possible.

The Factory West Studio has recently secured the trademark HIGHTV®. The FWS plans on utilizing this trademark in future productions. It would seem television is a limitless palette.

Our vision is to create art and television programming
that is inspiring, funny and entertaining.


Interview with D. A. McCall in regards to his book "Clifford"

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:54 PM by Heidie McCall

Interview: With D.A. McCall
in regards to his book Clifford.

Factory West Studio
  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall
2712 Esther St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Contact: Heidie McCall
Phone: 360-693-7085
e-mail Heidie@

The Interview

Q: What does your family think of Clifford?
A:  I have no Idea? I don’t speak to any of them. I once showed a manuscript (before I shopped it   
      around) to my mother. I foolishly thought she would be enthusiastic about it. After a few pages
      she put it down and said, ‘I can’t read anymore of this.’ At the time I was crushed. In retrospect
      I’m extremely grateful for her harsh critique. I knew there were shortcomings but, I had no idea it
      was unreadable.

Q: It’s great to have family support.

A: You would think: One of my nephews (with no fixed address) once observed,’A mother knows.’

Q: What do you think about freedom?
A: What? Have you read the book?

Q: I’ll handle the questions. When II came to the studio today I had to fight through a demonstration
     against global warming. What’s your opinion?

A: I’m against it. Are we going to talk about ‘Clifford’ at all?

Q: Of course we are, that’s what we’re here for. Would comment on the persistent rumors that you
     are gay?

A: This is the first I’ve heard of that, You ever been to a proctologist? Can you imagine something akin
     to that on a nightly basis?

Q: I see you’re carrying a knife. What do you think of O. J.?
A: O. J.? Where did that come from? Not long ago I read where he was assaulted. It occurred to me
     that O. J. should have said,’Back off, I’ve got a knife and I know how to use it.’

Q: What was the name of your book again? Never mind. What kind of material is that shirt made of?
A: It’s ‘Clifford’ and the shirt is cotton. It’s been my experience that if you wear polyester to one of
     these interviews you begin to smell like an armpit and it’s not your own.

Q: Hm......I think I’ll go change my shirt. Thanks for the interview.
A: What about ‘Clifford’?

Q: Who?

Press Release for Clifford

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:53 PM by Heidie McCall

RE: Clifford – Book - Humor

Factory West Studio
  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall
2712 Esther St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Contact: Heidie McCall
Phone: 360-693-7085
e-mail Heidie@

Beware, Clifford is loose on the streets of your town

VANCOUVER,WA. - At nineteen Clifford’s carefree life as a teenager is almost over. The travails of Clifford while tragic to him are hilarious to the reader. You won’t read a funnier book this year.

D.A. McCall says, ‘I never doubted Clifford would be published, the plight of Clifford is much too funny to be ignored. The question was how to go about it? As fate would have it at that very moment Trafford Publishing came to my attention. At Trafford you’re free to follow your muse. Clifford is my vision, not the mangled remains of meddlesome others.’

McCall contends that ‘printing on demand’ is the future of book publishing, ‘Books are only printed after orders are received. There is no waste and books are sold on their merit, not hype.’

The books are printed on 30% recycled paper, Trafford’s print shop runs on ‘green’ energy.
‘Lest I sound defensive,’ McCall says, ‘Trafford is a destination not a jumping off point.’

Clifford is available online @ ISBN: 1-4251-1536-5
122 pages $17.75


Press Release for The Family Album

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:52 PM by Heidie McCall

RE: Family Album-Book-Humor

Factory West Studio
  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall
2712 Esther St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Contact: Heidie McCall
Phone: 360-693-7085
e-mail Heidie@

The American dream takes a route seldom traveled

VANCOUVER,WA. - The Family Album is compromised mainly of photographs of Finnish immigrants. These ex-patriots somehow ended up in South Dakota,(I have no idea what prompted their exodus from Finland, but photo documentation suggests the Promised Land was not found there.)

At the time of my interest in the (mildewed)photos they’d been confined to plastic tubs in the basement for many years. I decided it was time to test my claim ‘that I’d never seen a picture i couldn’t caption.’

I was about fifty pictures into the project and feeling rather smug when I was struck by a sick sinking feeling. These weren’t targets I live to skewer (my preference is pompous blow hards) Anyone can pick on people from a different era (hair, clothes, cars etc.) besides clearly these were people I’d like.

I revisited the first fifty pictures and with my newfound attitude has a blast the rest of the way and didn’t mug anyone.

The Family Album is available online @ ISBN: 978-1-4251-7969-4
118 pages 17.75


Question & Answer re Unmasking the Illusion

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:48 PM by Heidie McCall


Factory West Studio
  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall
2712 Esther St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Contact: Heidie McCall
Phone: 360-693-7085
e-mail Heidie@

Q & A

Q: What possessed you to try and solve global warming?

A: After watching Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ we where both fairly depressed. We asked ourselves, ‘What’s the point of writing or creating art on a dying world?’ After a few days of this melancholy I decides to come up with solutions to every crappy thing I could think of. Doug was between books and agreed to collaborate.

Q: Why a ‘Movie Book for the Mind?’

A: A few years back I recorded a CD titled Unmasking the Illusion. With the working premise for the book ‘a world without crude oil’, wrapping a movie script around the CD and setting the premise for the movie with a funny book seemed like a fun challenge.

Q: How does it work?

A: The movie part of the book challenges the reader to insert and visualize their own characters and direct the movie in their mind. By including a soundtrack my thinking is this will be a very personal way for readers to enjoy our art.

Q: I found the E-COURT chapter a bit unsettling because there are a lot of nuts out there. Do you think the whole world should be invited to vote on the guilt or innocence of a criminal?

A: In my opinion if environmental crimes are judged by all of us because environmental crimes affect all of us, everyone on earth should have a say in whether or not this person should be allowed to roam among us. E-COURT would be great.

Q: Do you honestly think the decadent lifestyle you portray for the future is for everyone?

A: Yes. The only difference is that it will be legal.

Q: The theory of Human Energy is quite amazing in that you both seem to have approached it from all angles, do you think the masses will go for it?

A: You better believe it. When people realize the tremendous value of their energy and are well paid for it immediately, oh yeah.

Press Release for Unmasking the Illusion

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:45 PM by Heidie McCall   [ updated Dec 19, 2008, 3:51 PM ]

RE: Unmasking the Illusion – Sci-Fi Book

Factory West Studio
  Where Art Is Fun

D. A McCall & Heidie McCall
2712 Esther St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Contact: Heidie McCall
Phone: 360-693-7085
e-mail Heidie@

Have a few laughs on the way to our extinction

VANCOUVER, WA, November 2008 – If you want to live on a clean and prosperous planet, read  ‘Unmasking the Illusion’ the world’s first Movie/Book for the Mind. Hilarious book reveals the secret of human energy, seamlessly flows into an authentic movie script, interactive sound track included.

Find out what happens at the ‘Earth Now Conference’ where artists, entrepreneurs, and unconventional thinkers gather to solve the most vexing problems that confront the planet. Innovative solutions for independence from crude oil, forest fire prevention, crime, life after Wall Street and much more.

Authors D. A. McCall ans Heidie McCall teamed up and loaded Unmasking the Illusion with amazing and unforgettable eureka moments that when implemented may one day save mankind.

The most intriguing solution of all is the implementation of Human Energy. D. A. and Heidie have the blueprint foe a new economy that benefits everyone on earth. Humans are simply invited to sell their energy to the grid for immediate payment the details are a revelation.

Unmasking the Illusion is available through Publishing on Demand ‘It’s our belief that Publishing on Demand is the responsible and respectful way to honor the resources used for the creation of books.’ 
Unmasking the illusion is available online through  Trafford Publishing a Publishing on Demand company.

After reading Unmasking the Illusion perhaps you’ll wonder if the future will be as bleak as Al Gore predicts?

Purchase Unmasking the Illusion online at   ISBN: 978-1-4251-6218-4
189 pages & CD 24.75


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