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Original Melodic Memorable Music

The demo songs presented here are the original rock and roll versions:

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"Love Dance" country   Love Dance 

·      Fifteen Percent Of The Door -3:20

   About: wanting your work to be appreciated

   Designed: to elicit feelings of optimistic frustration

   Adaptable: to folk or country

Keywords: catchy, humorous, light hearted, story driven, songwriter, female vocals, melodic,

up tempo

·      Lingo of Love - 3:10

    About: your inner desires for your lover 

    Designed: to elicit a sense of sensual freedom - makes you feel like dancing

   Adaptable: to soul or country without losing the songs energy

            Keywords: hook heavy, sexy, female vocals, danceable, melodic, up-tempo

·      I Give You Dominion - 2:53 

    About: the primal gift of dominion bestowed on the human race 

    Designed: to elicit a spiritual feeling and to pose a possible personal internal dilemma

    Adaptable: to rhythm and blues or gospel   

       Keywords: spiritual, thought provoking, melodic, up-tempo

·      Simon Says - 3:03 

    About: a hope filled message for our environment

    Designed: to elicit joy and the instill a belief humans can fix the environment

             Product use: perfect song for a documentary about the environment

    Demographic: all ages would like this song - Paul Simon fans and environmentalists would like  

    this song too

             Keywords: environment, climate change, Paul Simon, E.O. Wilson, Half Earth Project,   

             endangered species, melodic, up-tempo

·      I’m Through Beggin’ - 2:25

    About: an anthem for personal freedom

    Designed: to elicit a sense of liberation

    Adaptable: to a country love song

             Demographic: older women 

             Keywords: Novelty song, hook laden, melodic, up-tempo, story driven