The Old Friends At Home: Concept for the new 2013 season of Friends

Post date: Apr 24, 2013 8:47:27 PM

The Old Friends At Home: The title for the new series of Friends

The new season of Friends would be terrific it went like this:

The cast is living together in an old folks home they are made up to look very old.

The show always begins here:

Then the episodes reveal an anecdote from the past. They are then made up to look like the time they are reminiscing about and here the stories can be formed. The cast can be made up to look like any time in their lives they are re-living.

Ah……… but here is the best part the last year of the series: I have the end the perfect and most satisfying and funny mind bending ending that has ever been put on TV. So how does a person contact the Friends producers?