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Melodies Found

As a freelance writer that listens to music and often wonders where have all the melodies gone?

I search for melody constantly, a song with form, content a tune that gets stuck in your head, one you can actually hum again and again is difficult to find in today’s list of “hit songs” sorry Taylor Swift - The Jonas Brothers etc. well you get the idea.

Oddly enough I purchased a jar of CBD cream the other day and in the brochure that came with it was a story about the inventor of the cream and how it came about.

Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen CBD Happiness Cream was invented by Heidie McCall she calls herself “The Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” and named her incredible CBD cream the same.

I sought out her music on SoundCloud and you know what? Form, content and melody are there in abundance. Lingo of Love is now stuck in my head, Keeper’s a content rich melodic song about the environment (keeps you on the edge of your seat melodically till the last cadence) along with Simon Says. Hey, where are all the new songs about the climate and the earth anyway?!

Well, they are at Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen SoundCloud check them out.

Tracy Taylor/Freelance Writer