About the Band

What happens when the realities of life and time have their way with the obsession for music in the lives of three seniors and a middle-aged musical beauty?

The answer is “Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” (An acutely unique rock ‘n’ roll band).

Heidie and Steve met at a college blues-jam night class in 2015. Steve began having jam sessions at his home that year as well. 

As time went by Steve and Heidie decided (as their musical skills were revived and began flourishing) to play like crazy.

They setup a regular rehearsal schedule and have stuck to it.

Sumer a neighbor stopped by one afternoon while Heidie was rehearsing. Sumer and Heidie sang one song together and both of them knew immediately she would be in this musical adventure. Sumer began attending rehearsals as well.

Doug (Heidie’s mate) joined the group soon after Sumer. A talented writer, director, producer, sound engineer and all around creative force, have left no area of creativity in “Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” to chance.

“Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” has been rehearsing regularly 2015.

When asked about the band’s material Heidie quipped,  “ We never play covers only originals. Our songs are inventive, melodic and memorable. Well, we are the world’s oldest hit makers after all and by the way……music is fun”.